Our unique aluminum metal art is all CNC cut, hand ground, powder coated and finished with a premium indoor top coat. Rest assured, you will not find the quality products, design capabilities, or outstanding customer service anywhere else!

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state of the art

We Build Morale

Frontline's Seal of Approval

Art is like morality ... you have to draw the line somewhere. At Frontline, we intimately understand these values. We build bold shapes to give life to abstract ideals. We help motivate your team to be their best with a vibrant symbol of their purpose and mission. Frontline combines the precision of laser-cut metal with the organic look of machine-tooled reflective textures; then adds deep vivid color to elegant flat blacks, and can finish with a shimmering varnish to give a visual depth that's so real, you can literally touch it. Seeing is believing, but touching is reality. Frontline Metal builds esprit de corps into a tangible reality for your office.

The Gold Standard in Metal Artwork

Let your superstars know how much we appreciate them

Setting a Shining Example of Teamwork and Pride

how your team at your base of operations how much you value their service and dedication with brilliant and illuminated signs. Frontline’s expert design team can accommodate almost any project … We’re proud to feature maximum dimensions of 60" x 120" for most singlelayer projects — and we can add additional layers for even larger needs.

Premier Custom-Crafted Unique Metal Artworks

Our proprietary process delivers exhibition-quality for practically any occasion

Our Mission

Frontline Metal is America's premier boutique metal arts design studio. Ashley Moyer (Founder and CEO) is a proud mother of two fine boys, a former Trauma ICU Nurse, and a U.S. Naval Reserve Critical Care Nurse veteran. The soul of our company is born from a love and respect of military personnel, veterans, and public servants. These values are our North Star to achieve the highest-quality exceptional metal art that our customers demand.

Our History

Ashley combined her passion for public service with her love of metal art into a full-time job that she is delighted to share with our most discerning customers. Frontline started as a marriage of American pride with farmhouse chic — offering patriotic designs, beautiful decor, and superb office ornamentation.

Since then, Frontline has evolved into a premium metal arts workshop for local businesses, government agencies, and multinational corporations wanting to promote their values and esteem with stunning installations. Our elegant metal artworks are the product of our exquisite American craftsmanship and painstaking precision.

Experience the Difference

Frontline Metal embodies the spirit of a luxury brand by embracing the challenges to offer high-end design with the practicality to turn great ideas into reality.

Our innovative designers excel in delivering high-impact within your budget while ensuring that your finished project is exactly what you need it to be. Our installation team ensures that your projects are finished perfectly.

Frontline’s proprietary process permits truly unique masterworks for your individual needs. We are proud to offer several options that result in the most beautiful, durable, and customized indoor art available. Our workflow features innovative concepts and precision craftsmanship including realistic textures, dimensional layering, metallic brilliance, flat opacity, shimmering gloss, and a full-spectrum of vivid transparent colors.

Our creative and technical abilities can infuse your projects with a depth and dimension you may have never believed was possible in metal art. We can match each project to most existing decor. Each work can stand alone, or can be paired with additional pieces like nameplates, room designators, backlit signage, and much more!

Frontline Metal offers a full-service white-glove experience you can’t find anywhere else. Each piece is American-made to rigorous quality standards, and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can’t wait to work with you to deliver innovative unique metal artwork

Ordinary Signs That Make Extraordinary Impressions

We make common nameplates with outstanding visual and tactile qualities

Don't Settle for Boring

Some of the most remarkable traits of Frontline’s products are the vividcolors, deep blacks, glimmering finishes, and gleaming metal textures.

The combination of these unique properties — combined with the unrivaled durability of metal — makes an immediate strong impression that leaves lasting memories.

There is simply no way to fully duplicate these qualities into any other medium. Add the precision of our imaging technology, and you have the ability to scale these beautiful objects to fit on your desk, or fit on your lobby walls.

We’ve worked closely with dozens of Federal, State, and Local governments as well as multinational corporations who chose Frontline for our striking metal artwork that’s the result of years of R&D to deliver our wonderful products to you.

Our thousands of satisfied customers are also proof of the practically limitless appeal and popularity of our fine metalworks.

Let our awesome team show you how great we can make you look!

Celebrating the Warrior Spirit

Honoring Those Who Answer the Call of Duty

Blessed Are the Peacekeepers

Civilization itself relies upon those who defend peace and safety — sometimes with their lives.

We get it because we have either served among those like you, or know someone who has. It takes a special type of selfless courage to give your life in defense of others.

Frontline Metal is committed to honor the service of our sisters and brothers in the armed forces and law enforcement who are the thin line between barbarism and civilization.

Thank you.

Show Your True Colors

Let Your Brilliance Shine

Don't Be Shy

Make a statement.

Make an impact.

Whatever you do, make a difference

You spend half your waking life at work, so live a little and have some fun with it!

Whether you're in the office, or work from home, make a splash with vivid colors combined with deep opaque black for contrast.

Add a custom hand-tooled texture and varnish for a glossy finish, and you have a truly fantastic work of unique metal art!

We have expert designers who can turn even ordinary images into extraordinary statement pieces.

Let our friendly staff help you to enliven your surroundings.

First-Class Action

Responding to Your Needs

Emergency Technicians

Frontline's Founder served as a Trauma ICU Nurse for many years, so we're abundantly aware of the urgency — and consequences — that First Responders face ... often with life-or-death results.

We understand the selfless courage to take personal responsibility on behalf of others.

Frontline Metal is committed to honor the service of our sisters and brothers among Fire crews and First Responders who battle seemingly invincible forces of nature and chaos.

Thank you.

Honor Guard

For the Land of the Free

Home of the Brave

We will always remember how fortunate we are to live within the United States. We will never forget the sacrifices of those from every walk of life who preserve and defend our freedom.

Though she has seen better days, America still endures the inevitable slings and arrows, so we are proud to celebrate the indomitable spirit of the country that supports and defends the contributions of common people who work tirelessly to do uncommon things.

Heavy Metal

Get Into Character

Fantasy Becomes Reality

You don't have to wait until Halloween to live out your alter-ego.

Let your imagination wander and make your fantasy into a reality with a custom metal sign.

Whether you prefer an ancient or modern theme, make some art that lets you show your nerves of steel.

There's practically no limit to the subjects you can display — animals, fictional characters, tattoo art, emojis, or anything that you love — our designers can add depth to a simple image to deliver an object that we're confident that you'll love.

Answer the call of your Wild Side.


Our unique aluminum metal art is all CNC cut, hand ground, powder coated and finished with a premium.

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Our unique aluminum metal art is all CNC cut, hand ground, powder coated and finished with a premium.

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