From Trauma Nurse to Artisan: The Resilient Journey of Ashley Moyer, Founder, Frontline Metal - Frontline Metal

From Trauma Nurse to Artisan: The Resilient Journey of Ashley Moyer, Founder, Frontline Metal

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Ashley Moyer’s journey is a powerful testament to resilience and perseverance. Transitioning from a dedicated Trauma ICU nurse to the founder and CEO of Frontline Metal, her story is interwoven with personal triumphs and profound challenges.

A Formative Decade in Critical Care:

Over nine years, including five in the Trauma ICU, Ashley developed a profound sense of empathy and resilience. This period in critical care laid a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial journey, teaching her invaluable life lessons.

Service and Duty in the Navy Reserves:

Ashley's tenure in the United States Navy Reserves instilled in her a deep commitment to discipline and duty, qualities that would later influence her business endeavors.

Founding Frontline Metal:

In 2019, Ashley's entrepreneurial spirit led to the inception of Frontline Metal. The company was born from her passion for craftsmanship and a desire to create art that resonates with the stories and sacrifices of those in service roles.

A Year of Heartache and Resilience:

2021 was a year of significant personal trials for Ashley. Her brother, a Marine Corps veteran, suffered a severe motorcycle accident, leading to his admission to the Trauma ICU where Ashley had previously worked. This poignant reunion with her former colleagues under such circumstances underscored her past experiences and the strength they had fostered. A few months later, Ashley faced another heartbreak: the loss of her beloved father to ocular melanoma. These back-to-back family tragedies deeply affected her, yet also reinforced her resilience.

Courageous Battle with Cancer:

In 2023, Ashley was confronted with a personal health crisis: a diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer. She endured a demanding treatment regimen, including chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, and radiation. Despite the physical and emotional toll, Ashley's indomitable spirit persisted, and she continued to lead Frontline Metal, drawing from her experiences to infuse compassion and depth into her work.

Art That Reflects Life’s Journey:

At Frontline Metal, Ashley has created a platform where art is not just a product but a reflection of life's journey. The company is renowned for its bespoke designs and exceptional customer service, resonating with clients who seek meaningful, personalized art.

A Tribute to Endurance and Service:

Through Ashley's vision, Frontline Metal has become a symbol of honor and tribute. Each creation is a testament to the principles of resilience, sacrifice, and service – values that Ashley embodies and passionately upholds in both her personal life and professional work.

Ashley Moyer's journey, marked by professional dedication, personal trials, and an unwavering commitment to service, shapes the heart of Frontline Metal. Her story inspires, showing how adversity can be transformed into a source of strength, empathy, and artistic expression.


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April Leo

Congratulations on your remission and may God Bless You Ashley!

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